Thursday, March 29, 2007

Term 3 of 2007

I've been working on our last 12 weeks of school (give or take a week or two!) and I have decided to sort of finish up everything we've started and call it a year. ;o)
I would like to say we'll be finished by the end of May but it probably won't happen. We should however get the bulk of it done and finish the rest up leisurely through the summer.
Doing schoolwork in the hot summer afternoons is beneficial in many ways. For one it's waaaayyy too hot in Texas to be outside in the late summer. Another is we keep our skills up and don't spend so much time reviewing what we've already learned.
I'm working on making a term notebook, something I've fiddled around with in the past. This time I'm combining full-year-notebook, sonlight style and hints from this blogger.
It took me a while to decide where to start but once I did it was easy. It's taking a bit of time right now, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.
My next post will be about our notebooks.

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