Friday, March 30, 2007

Term Notebooks

We decided to just make notebooks for only 12 weeks at a time using 2" binders. We didn't want to lug around 4" binders everywhere!

We inserted 12 tabs labeled 1-12. Behind the appropriate weekly tab I added the following:
Blank paper for copywork or other assignments
Notebooking form for Current events - 5W's&H
Math pages for the week
Notebooking form for composer study and artist study
Cardstock cut with slits for the corners of the 4x6 art print to be stored until ready for use
Nature Journal page for the appropriate study that week (i.e. bird, mammal, weather etc.)Copywork to be copied (i.e. hymn verses, poetry, folk songs etc.)
Grammar worksheets and blank paper
For instance in my ds's notebook if you turn to the tab labeled "6' for the 6th "week of school" you would see Math U See worksheets, Lesson 6 from English for the Thoughtful Child, blank paper to write the answers on for that lesson, a notebooking template for the new artist being studied, a sheet of cardstock with that week's print to study, a notebooking template for classical music composer, a nature study observations page and that's about it for that week.

In my planner that week (now this is a "week of school" not necessarily a week of calendar days) would look something like:

Day 1
Poetry- Kipling
Math lesson #
Reading Lesson- ETC Lesson#
Grammar- Ls 6 Picture Lesson
Copywork- Bible
Literature – Pilgrim’s Progress
Unit – Marco Polo ch 21
Science – Pagoo ch 7
Folk Song – I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

...and so on through five days.

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