Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getting ready for next year

For 9yo ds we are trying Sonlight this coming year. I've always been intrigued but it seemed confusing and wayyy too expensive. But I met a friend who has used Sonlight for years and she walked me through it step by step. I came home really wanting to try it, but still it seemed out of our budget. But then another friend announced to me that she was switching to Sonlight and how she had bought things used and was collecting the needed materials here and there. Mostly on e-bay.

So here we are, giving it a go. We're doing Sonlight 3 4-day. I just received my IG (Instructor's Guide) today and am looking it over and am really getting excited! We enjoyed the change of pace this past year with Christian Cottage and I'm not convinced we are saying good-bye to them just yet.

We'll see. I just want to make things simple for me and my dc. Since reading and math take so much time, I needed something we can just pick up and do, but with a little more structure than Ambleside which we've always used in some form or fashion.

I'd like to post on how I'm organizing the year. I'll do that another day.

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