Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week of Dec. 16

This week has been such a fun week for me. I will carry the events of this week with me all year long.
It began on Thursday actually...

Thursday Dec. 13 - I picked up 3 yo dgs to stay the weekend. :o) (Gotta love those grand-kids!)

Friday Dec. 14 - My ds and ddil from Indiana arrived to spend the week. YEA!!!!

Saturday Dec. 15 - What did we do this day????? Oh yeah! We opened Nannie's gifts, and later went to a good friend's birthday party. Happy 60th RJR!

Sunday Dec. 16 - We all went to church. People love seeing the "Indiana kids" come "home" so that was a delight. But that's not all. My dh actually took off work on his weekend to work and came to church with us. That's not all. My 17 yo played the piano and her cousin played the flute along with her and they sounded beautiful! That's not all. My 9 yo ds was baptized and we were so excited! That's not all. My whole family came over for our family Christmas celebration. Our house was full of joy and food! LOL

Monday - I worked early, and we just "hung out" afterward. Indiana ds and his bff took my other kids to play lazer tag. 9yo LOVED hanging out with big brother!

Tuesday - I worked early again, we had supper together, and just relaxed.

Wednesday - I decided that we needed a puppet stage for some performances we have coming up so Indiana ds, his bff and the rest of us went to Lowe's, got some pvc pipe and fixings and we came home and built the frame for the stage. They had such fun doing it and think they are going into the puppet stage business now! LOL

Thursday - Ddil, dd, my mom and I went shopping at the local outlet mall. We didn't buy much but we had fun and enjoyed window shopping together. Then we came home and the kids went to Wal-Mart (9yo ds had won a $25 gift certificate from his Bible Skills class! Way to go!) while I stayed and wrapped some presents. Then my mom and I went up to the church to sew the curtains for the puppet stage, then we all went to another church in our neighborhood and our "Krew" performed a puppet show for the kids there. (Whew! That was a wonderfully busy day!)
Friday - DH was off work and we all went out to lunch and to a matinee showing of "National Treasure 2" Which btw was great but we had fun pointing out all the "impossibilities" of these things actually happening. LOL Another little "jewel" was in the movie they discussed Cibola and the black slave Esteban BOTH of which my 9yo and I have been reading about in our Sonlight reading! Cool!!

Saturday - Here I sit blogging about it all while the Indiana kids are on their way home...sniff... we love to see them and hate it when they have to go. We love them so much.


Leigha said...

We're home! And exhausted!! But just wanted to tell you the new blog format looks great!


I love the new blog! Boy you've been busy, I guess we talked about all this in the car to and from Seago. Walmart the other day-- but it looks like a whole lot more in print. Ha!
hey -- you mentioned R's birthday party too, I noticed. It was great, AND! he was glad to see your "R" at his 60th bday bash. Thanks for coming y'all-- It was great seeing the Indiana gang there too, XTRA BONUS.

I'm off to Arkansas in the morning, for a little road trip myself - LUV and C/YA when I get back.