Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter Jam

A couple of weeks ago my kids, and I drove to Oklahoma City with another hs family to attend a concert called "Winter Jam". It was awesome! I learned to like Skillet. ;) Although it was VERY LOUD we had a great time. Check out their site at Here are some photos taken from our "Flip" Video Camera so they are'nt super clear but you can tell it's a concert. ;)

Scenic View on the Drive to OK...

Skillet's Fireworks Barlow Girl Skillet's Pyrotechnics Mandisa (We really enjoyed her show)


P.Rowland said...

You didn't mention the Natural History museum at the college. Also, did you get to take pictures inside there? you didn't post those either.

Either way, beautiful scenery and looks like lots of excitement. I know y'all had a really fun time!

Angel said...

I didn't mention the museum. I wasn't thinking about it at that time. No photos were allowed there. I will post about it soon! Or maybe DD will.