Friday, April 25, 2008

Best Homeschool Time

I wanted to just say that this has probably been one of our best school years ever. DS is finally getting into the groove of his lessons. I guess all the books and articles I read are true. Most boys just "begin" to shine at around age 10. If I could do anything over again, I would have relaxed a bit more with him. I say that and yet we've always been a somewhat relaxed homeschool family. We aren't super academic, nor outside activity oriented. But there is this pressure to perform as homeschoolers. Everyone watches to see if you are "doing it right". So I have pushed him a bit too hard in the past to keep him "up with the ps-ers". It didn't work. He didn't read, he didn't spout off math facts. In fact memory drills are like sending bamboo shoots up this kid's fingernails. He despises spouting facts, but loves to tell me stories and adventures he makes up in his head. I hope I can encourage and coach him rather than fill his head with facts. I know that God has made him the way he is and me the way I am. I pray that I can compliment his personality and learning style rather than thwart it.

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