Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finishing or Doing

We've been homeschooling for 10 years now. And dd is a senior this year! My, how time flies.

I must confess I wasted a lot of time over these past hsing years worrying, planning, re-planning, being indecisive and feeling unsure.

If I could change one thing it would have been this: "doing" instead of "finishing". I know that probably doesn't make much sense but I always worried years in advance if we started some new curriculum or scope and sequence if we would be able to "finish" it. I started over so many times thinking "this is it"!

If I could give newbies and those in the middle any advice it would be to just do it.

Don't worry about whether history should be covered chronologically in 4 years or 6 years, should science be aligned with history, should I read this book or that book or buy a unit study or make my own unit study or any number of other questions homeschoolers face.

We, in fact, did all of the above at one time or another. Yes, you should have seen the look on my dd's face when I would announce yet again, "Guess what? I found something new and cool for our school!"

Really, the bottom line is ...

Get into God's word together EVERY DAY.

Read good books every day.

Live together and discover together every day.

And of course do math every day.

Really it is that simple. I'm doing this more with my ds now and we are much more consistent than I was with dd when she was this age.

I can look back now and say honestly, we didn't "finish" a lot of things we began in dd's homeschool career but she is bright, intelligent, thoughtful, chaste, discerning, and not a social outcast at all. She is able to play with children, interact with adults and teens. She is taking classes at community college and keeping up just fine. She is enjoying it and learning.

She WANTS to learn and try.

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