Monday, April 27, 2009

Riding the wave of motivation

DS is very motivated by his new cubscout den.  I'm riding the wave with him!
We are working on his activity badges that are required to achieve rank or the way I think about it is graduate to the next level. (I'm still learning too!)

He is working toward Webelos rank and then on to the Arrow of Light.  A bridge-over to Boy Scouts.

So to document the work and to serve as some of his school we are making a lapbook!  He is not all that into cutting and pasting but I am so I do some of that for him.  He comes up with the design and the content to put into the book.  Sometimes he writes it, sometimes he orally narrates to me and I type it up.  We print it out and paste it into a mini-book for the lapbook. 

We are working on "Citizen Requirements" right now.  

Here's what he has to do:

Do this
1.With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Citizenship Character Connection.
a. Know: List some of your rights as a citizen of the United States of America.
Tell ways you can show respect for the rights of others.
b. Commit: Name some ways a boy your age can be a good citizen
Tell how you plan to be a good citizen and how you plan to influence others to be good citizens.
c. Practice: Choose one of the requirements for this activity badge that helps you be a good citizen.
Complete the requirement and tell why completing it helped you be a good citizen.

Do all of these:
2.Know the names of the President and Vice-President of the United States, elected Governor of your state
3.Describe the flag of the United States and give a short history of it.
With another Webelos Scout helping you, show how to hoist and lower the flag, how to hang it horizontally and vertically
on a wall, and how to fold it.
Tell how to retire a worn or tattered flag properly.
4.Explain why you should respect your country's flag.
Tell some of the special days we fly it.
Tell when to salute the flag and show how to do it.
5.Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance from memory. Explain its meaning in your own words.
6.Tell how our National Anthem was written.
7.Explain the rights and duties of a citizen of the United States.
Explain what a citizen should do to save our natural resources.
8.As a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Citizenship.
At a Webelos den meeting, talk about the service project Good Turn that you did.

And do two of these: #9-17
We chose:
9. Tell about two things you can do that will help law enforcement agencies.
14.Tell why we have laws.

So far he's completed several requirements.  I think we'll be through by next week and then we will start on fitness.  Fitness is mostly about health and safety.  There's another activity badge for exercising and sports.

Pics of the mini-books we have so far:

This is the cover DS designed

This is an idea DS had to put the information for requirement #6 in a little newspaper looking graphic. It'll be a pocket when we put it into the lapbook.

These are little matchbooks with the information from requirement #2.

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