Friday, April 3, 2009

Snack Ideas

I'm back into the habit of buying and preparing healthy food for my family.  It's hit and miss.  But I keep on trying.  Here is a short list of healthy snacks.

Yogurt & small fruit

Hummus w/pita chips

Fruit w/ cottage cheese

Cheese stick & small fruit (orange, grapes, apple)

Nuts w/small fruit (raisins etc)

22 Almonds, 1 T dark choc chips, 2 T raisins mix in a baggie

Yogurt parfait – layer yogurt, strawberries, 2 T granola

Baked corn chips, light guacamole

2 T Natural Peanut butter, & celery

Banana fudge smoothie –(4 servings) 1 ½ c milk, ½ c tofu, 2 ripe bananas, 2 T cocoa powder, 1 tsp honey, ½ tsp vanilla

Smoothie – ½ c milk, ½ banana, 3 T yogurt, 2 T sliced strawberries

Cream cheese roll ups – 2 slices turkey & 2 T cream cheese (light) with chives

6-in ww pita ¾ tsp garlic powder, onion powder or mrs. Dash preheat oven 375; cut pita into triangles; arrange in single layer on baking sheets; lightly coat w/olive oil spray; sprinkle w/seasonings; bake 5 min; remove and turn; continue about 8 min longer

I haven't made these yet, neither have I made and tried hummus yet. I hear they are really good. I'll let you know when I do.

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