Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Flylady Daily Routine Powerpoint

I made this powerpoint a long time ago but just now found a way to share it! This scribd site is so cool!

The boxes on page one are clickable, and the little home button on the bottom right will take you back to page one. You can also just scroll through pages from the arrow buttons on top of the scribd frame, but the front page clickable buttons are how I designed it to work.
The look of the pages were achieved with shabbyprincess digital scrapbooking papers.


Pat said...

i love the flylady pp do-daddler... soo cool.
one thing though... your week two ... is not a zone... when i clicked on it , was another list ...and your 2 part zone 3 do I click to see part 2?

I'm just curious. It is cool. I'm trying to figure out how to make me one!


Angel said...

Okay, I need to look at it. I had made some changes and may not have gotten it all fixed.
I'll fix it when I get a chance!
Thanks for the heads up.