Friday, December 18, 2009

Cooking ahead

Sometimes called freezer cooking or batch cooking, whatever it's called I enjoy doing it! If you are trying to eat healthy, save money by not buying convenience foods and stop eating out it's the only way to go.

These are all in my freezer ready to go:
  • WW Friendly apple cinnamon Pancakes
  • Healthier French toast(I used egg whites and some flax seed mixed with water, only a little yolk, cooked on the griddle with butter flavor cooking spray)
  • Crispy chicken strips (I make strips instead of drumsticks)
  • Grilled chicken
  • Pigs in a blanket (diced up turkey smoked sausage and WW 2-point biscuit recipe)
  • Breadcrumbs for recipes
  • Chopped up onion, celery, red bell pepper, green bell pepper
  • Vegetable Broth for using in recipes
  • Black Beans (made in my crock pot)
  • Chick Peas (made in my crock pot)
  • Browned ground turkey w/onions
I may make some pinto beans and black-eyed peas in my crock pots today and add them to the freezer as well.

Actually as I was looking in my freezer just now, there really isn't anything in there that I didn't make, except for some purchased frozen vegetables. That's a good feeling!

Having these foods ready to go in case something comes up and I can't make dinner saves us from eating out, keeps us on budget and keeps us from making bad food choices.

Planning is the key!


Help Meet in the Making said...

Love it! You inspire me so much!
I used my new food processor today and it's AWESOME! :)

Angel said...

I'm glad you like it and that it still works after shipping! LOL