Saturday, January 2, 2010

January School Plans

I sat down today and laid out a plan for the month of January.

We will be using 12 workboxes each day now. It should go rather quickly, since some of the boxes don't take long at all, but I don't like putting more than 1 thing in each box. It causes ds to get overwhelmed and discouraged. And really, 12 things a day is PLENTY along with our other projects and activities we have going each week.

Here is what's in our workboxes for January:
#1 Digit Span & Exercises
#2 Bible reading and discussion
#3 History -Abraham Lincoln's World
#4 Written Narration
#5 Spelling
#6 Poetry M/W/F; U.S. Animal Flashcards T/TH
#7 Math Lesson
#8 Reading Lesson
#9 Math Game (Facts, review etc.)
#10 Grammar Game M/T; Lapbook W/Th; Presidents F
#11 Science - Observing God's World (This is new for us!)
#12 Literature - Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

Wow it looks like a lot when I type it up. But even after I worked it out I noticed the lack of Fine Arts. I will add them back in February, maybe mixed in boxes 9 & 10 or box 1.

But it should be a good month.

I'm ready to get back to a routine!

Happy Homeschooling!!!

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