Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been busy lately.  It's been good though.  Mostly just getting ready for things like Puppet Shows, Mission Trips, and VBS.  We've had a lot of doctor appointments lately and I'm pretty much responsible for taking whomever it is that needs to go.  I have two more weeks before VBS and I'm in charge of the crafts.  I chose simple ones so maybe it won't take too much time to get them all together.

DS has been tutoring twice a week with a lady from our church who's a teacher so we've been doing that too.  We had DGS this week.  Just took him home today as a matter of fact.  He'll be back in two weeks to go to VBS with us.

We've also had a lot of babies due around us lately.  I went to shower #2 yesterday and there is another one at the end of this month.  Babies everywhere!  Not in our home though thank goodness!

I wanted to do some school with DS this summer and we did at the beginning and we'll pick it back up soon.  This is why we basically school year round because there are times when other things come up so we put the books aside, then pick them back up when things settle down.

I have some more things I'd like to blog about.  Hopefully this week will afford me some time to sit down and get my thoughts together!

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Help Meet in the Making said...

We have VBS in two weeks too! Although this year it will be a little more low-key for us...instead of teaching a class by ourselves, we are helping in a kindergarten class. Can't wait!