Saturday, August 14, 2010

I got industrious...

yesterday and cleaned out and reorganized my fridge.  And I'm going to show you pictures.  How sad is that when you take pictures of your fridge and THEN post it on the internet??? LOL

Too bad I didn't think of doing a before shot.  I never think about it until after!

I took out the upper drawer that was broken and duct taped and moved the meats/cheeses to the bottom.

Another idea I thought was ingenious (I didn't think it up, I got it here) was putting my salad stuff all in one bin, and another one for sandwich stuff like mustard, pickles, miracle whip etc.  It was all together in the door but we had to dig to find all the bottles etc and then put them all back.  This way, you just take out the bin and put the bin back!

My dd made labels for everything and it all fit well.

Now to make sure the family actually reads the labels and puts things where they belong. sigh.

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Help Meet in the Making said...

Way to go! That is one good-looking, organized-looking fridge! :)