Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking back, looking ahead

Have you ever had a homeschool year that just seemed like a blur?  This was that year for me.  I know that my son did some work, and I also know that we didn't finish everything we set out to do.  We had so many distractions this year and I hate to make excuses but stress got the better of me.  As I'm looking ahead for next year, I have to take a look back to see where we've come from.  It's a bit discouraging if I'm being honest, but then again, so many good things were learned this year that I just can't put down on a report card or grade book. Know what I mean?  In fact when I really think about it we really did so much this year!

My dh has been ill with an undiagnosed illness.  So far they have said "Fibromyalgia" but aren't sure.  All we know is that he is in pain almost constantly and for seemingly no reason.  He has been off work a lot with no pay and had test after test.  Thus I got a part time job, it was a Jesus deal and now I work 2-half days and 1-whole day at church as my pastor's administrative assistant.  My son can go with me and work in the office with me on school work. It works fine as long as there are no interruptions but believe me there are always interruptions!

One day he said to me, "I never realized there was so much that goes on at church. I always thought we just showed up." Ha ha!  He's learned a lot about this and I hope it's been a good experience.

I also make puppets for our church and to sell (sometimes) this is also time consuming.

There are so many, many other things going on that don't need to be aired out here, but just writing this post has helped me to feel better.  It's my report card of sorts, a record to help me remember what we went through this year.

Thanks for listening. ;)

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