Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking back at 2011

I've never done a post like this before, but for some reason I just got inspired to recap my year and celebrate the wonderful things that happened this year.

January Grandson's birthday and he had a fun 7th birthday party. We had a family member make his cake. Lots of fun! (I wanted to put a picture of it but I can't find one! It was a Despicable Me cake.)

February brought some ice to the north Texas area and we were kind of at a standstill for about a week! That's what happens in Texas. We're not used to it. ;)
We also had a birthday at the end of February ds turned 13!!! Yes, a teenager. My last child at home is now a teen. :D

March ahhh Soccer season! We are pretty busy each week going to practice and having games on Saturdays. His team was #1!! We also had a lot of doctor appointments in March for some reason???

I attended a WE Conference at Prestonwood in Dallas and it was a wonderful weekend! That is such a HUGE church! Finally a pic!

April Soccer continues and I've been asked to teach a VBS training seminar and I was very nervous but excited! I did it! Whew. I still like teaching kids better than adults. ;)
My mom moved this month into assisted living, her choice not mine. But it will be alright.

May One of my favorite months!  The homeschool bookfair is in May and I had one of the best times yet with friends and all the speakers.  Love it! It's also DH's birthday.  We also did a simple unit study with other homeschoolers during April/March studying "Around the World in 80 Days".  It was a lot of fun!

June I think was the least eventful month for me, except for my birthday nothing really went on.  Just hot.  More doctor appointments.  We had a PIT Crew training day for the puppet team I direct at church.  It's always fun. Well, I almost forgot.  There was one event in June that was so much fun!  Our church helped another church in the area put on a "Backyard Bible Club".  We had such a blast with this guy...

July The best month this year!  Madeleine Noelle was born! Yay!  We won't get to see her until next month though. :(

We also had VBS this week at church. One of my favorite things on the planet!

One hazard of VBS, while Grammy is getting ready for her class...someone was running and ran smack into another running kid. :( It looks really bad, but was better by the end of the night.

August Going to Indiana!!! And DS's first plane trip! (Can't find those pics either! Ack!) But here he is holding his niece for the first time.

And in August my mom turns 76 years!

September Back home, more family doctor appointments, my brother has major surgery, my mom moves again (MUCH better place) we start fall soccer, DS is an 8th grader and DH and I have been married now 25 years!!!  Whew!

October the BIG and BUSY month for me.  We do an annual blacklight show at church with the PIT Crew at the end of October.  Here's a peek at one scene...

And if I wasn't busy enough, we agreed to do a second show for my grandson's school carnival 2 days before our show!  We had a lot of fun though!

November More birthdays, youngest DD is now 21 (no, I can't believe it!), Thanksgiving and FAMILY TIME! DD is in a show "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" at college, DS and DIL and new baby come to visit.  It was the best!!!

December Was nice and quiet actually.  A friend had extra tickets to the Dallas Museums so we went and had a good time.  It was nice to do something different.

Grandson spent a week with us while school was out.  The kids put the Christmas decorations up for me since I had to work extra this month.  It was nice.  We had some family over on the 23rd had dinner, visited and played "Just Dance 3" So fun!  Then Christmas Eve candlelight service and Sunday morning service.  Nice and quiet.

I left out so much but I just can't fit all in. No wonder I'm tired! LOL
Thank you Lord for a blessed year!


Leigha said...

I love it! I still can't believe how tiny she looks when I look back at pictures from July/August.
What a busy but good year!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! that was a lot! I didn't do a post either --because, well---just too much~

That plane trip seemed like soooo loong ago~

The museum sounded fun.