Monday, April 16, 2012

Math Answers

In a previous post Amy asked why I switched from Teaching Textbooks to Chalk Dust.  So I thought I'd answer here, since it was a long reply!

The first reason was $$$. I basically got the Chalk Dust for FREE!  Also I had been told that the TT didn't work the same way in the higher levels as it did in the lower levels.  By the time they get to Algebra the solutions were not included on the CD's like they are in the others.  The solutions showing my son what he did wrong was the best thing about the program for us!  So while others continue on with TT we decided not to.  I might even be wrong about it all, but really in the US math is math and I always use whatever works at the moment!
We've used MUS, MEP (free online here), TT and now Chalk Dust. :)

Just as an aside; we really enjoyed MEP but I am working part time now and it's just too teacher intensive for our schedule.  But I would really like to have continued to use it.  What ds did in level 3 of MEP was the same as TT6!

Another aside; my dd (now a hs graduate and in College) used MUS mostly all the way through, but her learning style was different from ds's.

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