Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes, it takes awhile...

Funny story, funny to me anyway, it dawned on me just today as I was writing up assignment sheets for my son that I should add the days' events at the top and upcoming events on the bottom!  He has always wanted to know what we are doing tomorrow, where we are going tomorrow etc. He has been asking me those questions since he was old enough to talk! LOL He loves having his own calendar too.

I took a cue from the workbox lady a while back to write out a daily list for him with detailed instructions rather than a weekly chart on one page.  Although I prefer charts.  I love charts! But we have great success when I make the daily pages for my son.  The problem is it is time consuming and I have to use my brain A LOT!! LOL So that's why I slip and don't do it.  

But I really, really need to do it! It helps him so much.  I can't wait to see how he likes the "upcoming events" on his pages.  I'll let you know what he thought, although I can't let him know that I want to know what he thought because he's 14 and 14 year old boys don't like to let their mom know they like something about school. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your son!

I think it will be a hit with him. Although-- if you write it down, what will you talk about? Ah never mind-- I'm sure he'll come up with something to say!