Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrapping up 9th Grade

We always tend to school year round with no particular "off/on" days.  We just do school when we can and don't when we can't.  And typically we end up finishing in the winter rather than the summer.  But I thought I would record some things from this year up to now.

C.J. has grown TALL this year.  He is just a smidgen taller than me and I am 5'10"!  His voice has changed and many times when I don't see him but only hear him he sounds so manly.  It's still a shock sometimes.
C.J. walking like his dad.

C.J. has a challenging time with book learning because of some LDs but it's no sign of his intelligence and understanding which are off the charts sometimes. One thing he's done this year is a daily quiet time on his own.  Nothing fancy, just reading the Bible every day and hearing what God has to say.  C.J. learns some profound things sometimes.  In our youth group at church he is often the only one who knows the story or event in the Bible.  The other kids are "church kids" too but maybe they don't spend consistent time in the word like him, especially the Old Testament. I also see spiritual growth and understanding as he applies God's word to situations.

C.J. reading on his Bible app

C.J. LOVES the History Channel and any type of war documentaries.  He records them on his own and I don't have to make him watch them.  It's quite the other way around. He is quite obsessed with military weapons and warfare.
C.J. trying out his new Air Soft Gun

We went to our local library sale this year.  There are tons of books they are selling.  We snagged this one for $2 and it has become his favorite book this year. He wants Volume II.
Favorite book of 2013

C.J. is showing signs of becoming a gentleman.  Just when you think a teenage boy can't get any more irritating, he opens a door for others, he does chores without being asked, he notices something out of place and picks it up and returns it.  Wow!  These small moments make a mother's heart melt. :)

C.J. will not smile in pictures.  He has braces but I don't think that's the reason.  I think it's called B-O-Y.  Boys!
C.J. and his sister S.
C.J. is a very talented puppeteer.  We travel with the PIT Crew puppet team to do shows and to conferences with others to learn more about this ministry.
He smiled! Sort of. ;)
C.J. and friends at a Puppet/Creative Ministry Conference
C.J. started working in the tech booth at our church. He's learning so much from this experience. I've been told he's a fast learner.

He also loves to make stop motion videos.  Here's a sample of one he made about a year ago.  I have to say he did a good job considering we had no special equipment and in fact he had a poor camera.  He tells me that the camera is shaky because he didn't have a stand, he was just putting the camera on the floor.

Warning - subject matter is "war".  What else?

I see my son growing into a young man.  He's my baby but he's not a baby anymore.

Look out 10th grade here we come!!!

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