Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Week in the 'Burbs

I spent 6 days staying with my grandson while my daughter and son-in-law went on a vacation.  Grandson was in school so needed to stay at home and I agreed to go and stay the week with him.  So CJ and I packed up Goliath and all of our stuff and headed to their home to "baby sit" for the week.

First off, they live much closer to shopping than we do so that was a fun bonus.  But oh the traffic!  I'm just not used to that!  I think I'd rather deal with my bumpy country roads than all that traffic!!! It's a trade off I guess.

The thing about not being at home is I seemed to have more time on my hands.  We were able to walk around the neighborhood and get some sight seeing, exercise and fresh air every day.  That was different to me.  I wish I had some pictures!

It was so different to have houses so close together, yet it was very quiet.  Everyone was at work!

We enjoyed our change of pace but now I'm glad to be back home.

Please somebody remind me to start taking pictures!

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