Friday, August 29, 2014

Menu and Food Plans for Aug 29-Sept 4

Back to Pinterest this week!

I've made several chicken and dumplings over the years and they just aren't like the ones our mothers made.  My dh LOVES the way his mom made them and my mom made them similar to hers.
It's time to try THIS version!

**UPDATE** My chicken and dumplings came out terrible.  Edible, barely. I do not know what I did wrong.  I just have a hard time with dumplings! I might try these again far in the future. :/

***UPDATE*** This casserole was pretty good actually but it was a lot of work (to me) I'm not sure I'll make it again when I have other recipes that are just as tasty, or better and less steps.

  • Chicken Parmesan I plan on subbing Panko bread crumbs for the corn flakes because I already have some.

***UPDATE*** I really liked this one!  But I don't think my hubby did as much.  He did not want leftovers of it.  Usually a sign. :/

***UPDATE*** I thought this was yummy! I made mine with colored peppers because the green ones make me sick.  But I don't think the hubby or son liked it that much. Again no seconds or left overs wanted.  What is it with them?  I thought it was very tasty!

Other meals are:

  • Buffalo Quesadillas - using some of the buffalo chicken I made last week.

  • Turkey Smoked Sausage and Beans

  • Pizza from the Deli at Walmart. On Wednesdays I need a no-brainer meal and this is an alternative to take-out.

I'll be doing some food prep to get ahead by:

  • cooking the ground beef ahead of time and separating it and freezing it.  
  • cooking the chicken in the crock pot with the veggies for the chicken and dumplings then freezing
  • making a "freezer pack" with the sausage, beans and other ingredients right in the bag
  • chopping the veggies ahead of time and packaging them up to be ready to go