Monday, August 11, 2014

Recpies From Pinterest I'm trying this week

I've pinned these to my pinterest boards and am trying them this week.  I'll edit and update how they turned out.

Saturday: Cheddar Meatloaf - I had already made a double batch of this and it was in the freezer.  It was just as yummy the second time!

Sunday: Ultimate Beef Stroganoff - Update* I made this on Sunday and it is the best crock-pot stroganoff yet.  I used some steaks that were given to me and they were preseasoned.  I did not know they were HOT and SPICY so that was a little surprise.  I will make this again with plain beef. :)

Monday: There was no name for this. It was one of those "ghost" pinterest pins but I made it just from the description and I used my kitchenaid to "shred" it.  It was easy and good!  We have enough for freezing.  That's always a bonus. :)

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes (no recipe)

Wednesday: Complete Chicken BBQ Dinner in the crock-pot. (Never made this!  I was going to make it but the bag of potatoes was bad!!! Yuck! So I will try again another time.)

Thursday: Crock-pot Pizza Casserole (I didn't make this one either.  My daughter cooked one night and made something else instead.  I will be adding this one back in later to try.)

Side note: So far I have not been disappointed in any of the recipes.

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