Friday, January 20, 2006

Elderly Parents

Caring for elderly parents is biblical is it not? Especially widows?
My mom is an elderly widow. She lives in my back yard.

People ask, "Won't you let her come in the house?"

Seriously, she has a mobile home behind my house. We moved her here a few years ago when she had a heart attack. She's since given up driving. She has diabetes and just doesn't react as quickly as she used to.
Actually, I'm proud of her for thinking of the safety of herself and of others, rather than being stubborn and prideful. I can't imagine how hard it really would be to give up a lot control over your life, your comings and your goings.
She used to do everything for the family. Now, in some ways she's kind of like another child. But in other ways, she's still the mother and I have to do it her way. I'm grateful that she can still basically live alone and do everything for herself, except when she gets ill. This week she has been ill. My 7yo ds had a stomach virus earlier this week, and I guess my mom got it as well. But when you are 71 years old and have diabetes, and are on blood pressure and heart medication, you just can't afford to go without eating or taking your oral meds for very long. So the last time this happened (just a couple months ago) she ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. This time I hope we can avoid the hospital. Right now it is a waiting game.
I'm praying for her. If you happen to read this blog, please pray for her too.

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