Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Second School Term

We've had a wobbly school year so far. Our first term lasted FIVE MONTHS and we still didn't finish everything, but we've decided to press forward, and not look back. DS in year 2 isn't too far behind although I made the decision to drop An Island Story and just read STOW for him. We also put aside Parables From Nature for now, so his schedule is just right for him at this time.

DD age 15 doing year 9 is also beginning to get into her groove. She is a bright girl, but doesn't read terribly fast, but if she's comprehending and enjoying something I can tell right away, she can't help but tell me all about it.

We started term 2 officially this week and we'll have to do school every chance we get through July, but that's okay, we took a lot of days off for various reasons this fall and winter, so we can do school in the summer when it's too hot to do anything else.

I plan on posting a weekly or bi-weekly update. Just to keep ME accountable! Even if no one reads it but me, I need to see it.

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