Monday, May 15, 2006

Community College

I called our local community college today to get the scoop on dual credit for my 15 yo.

I found out that they require the THEA test for entry.

We also need to complete at least 1/2 year of geometry since it is on the test. I'm thinking we may try this next year. We need to pray more about it.

I was a little curious about it all, we don't test much at least not in the standardized way. I know that at PS they test constantly which is one thing I love about homeschool. We can get on with REAL learning instead of just practicing tests, learning about tests, being fed information that will be on a test. We can learn what God wants us to learn and not what the State wants us to learn. I know that schools are moving millions of children through the system and they need a system to do that. I'm not moving millions of children through my home; just two.

My prayer is that I would give my children the foundation to meet the challenges God sets before them. That they would be able to take a test if need be, but not to get wrapped up in the scores and numbers that tests give. They were created by HIM for a purpose not a number.

Lord, help me to rely on Your leading for our learning! Help us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, and You will add all the other things (even test scores)!

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