Monday, May 15, 2006

I met Terri Camp!

This weekend my friends and I all went to our local homeschool bookfair. It's a yearly ritual for us. We spend days and weeks sending off our registration, looking at the vendors and workshops online, planning out our day and circling what we want to peruse while there.

I had recently renewed my vision for our homeschool and family and God was showing me what HE wanted to do in our home and school. So I've been praying, reading, talking, surfing the web etc.

One friend and I went to a workshop about creative writing and went to the booth later to check things out. I had a few questions and the lady at the booth (not the speaker mind you) was very helpful and we chatted a bit about the books I was thinking of purchasing. Now I didn't read her name tag, I was looking at her face as we chatted.

As we were chatting I saw across the booth a book that caught my eye. It was "Ignite the Fire" by Terri Camp. I casually interjected, "Oh, I didn't know she had a book, I only thought she had a website."

The lady said, "She who?"

I said, "Terri Camp." and pointed to the book.

She pointed to her nametag and said, "I'm Terri Camp!"
I'm sure the look on my face was worth a thousand words!

I hugged her and told her how excited I was to meet her and I had to get my bestfriend (who happens to be prairieteacher ) to come and meet her too, since we had recently been on her Ignite the Fire website and talked about her notebooks and all.

She was so surprised! We were like giddy school girls!

I didn't know Mrs. Camp was *in* Texas but she is now! Of course all good things come to Texas!

The bottom line is this: when you pray and ask God to lead you and show you what He wants you to do, when you ask Him which way He is leading you, He will always answer.

He answered my prayers in a very personal way this weekend and I thank Him for it.

I love you Lord!

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