Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scheduling all those books...

Now that we've chosen our books, it's just a matter of plugging them into our schedule. We've been using the same basic routine for quite some time. I don't use time slots anymore, we basically just "do the next thing" but we do use the timer sometimes to keep us moving along. Especially for ds - he tends to dawdle.


Breakfast and chores
Bible/MemPoetrySpanish/Current Events/TimelineNature study/Fine ArtsMathGrammar/VocabularyHistory Reading (a book each day)Literature (a book each day/Composition-Fridays)SciencePianoFree Reading
DS's looks similar:

Breakfast and choresBible/MemPoetrySpanish/C.Event/TimelineNature study/Fine ArtsMathPhonics and CopyworkHistory /Science Reading LiteraturePiano Free Reading

We do short lessons and each one only takes about 5-15 min and on a good day we can fly right through it. Some days some subjects are combined. I just check them off if they are combined with something else.

I also added a couple of new things that have fallen by the wayside. News/Current Events and Timeline. I'm really not a current events person and usually hear about what's going on from my dh or my friends. So this is something that is not a habit for me but I'd like my children to learn it. In the past I had subscribed to the kids' version of World mag but we never read it so I felt like I was wasting my money. For now we just read an article off of the web.

As far as the timeline entry that was hit or miss also. Yesterday my ds added Squanto since we just read a book about him and DD decided to add the poet we read yesterday - Christina Rossetti. So that worked well. We just have a hard time deciding which type of timeline to use! Right now we have one on the wall and we do like that but it is partially covered up by a desk we recently added in our sunroom. So I just don't know what we are going to do. We make a history notebook so it seemed redundant to have a timeline notebook. Besides we had a hard time finding things in that HUGE notebook. Just didn't work for us. The wall timeline seems better - we can see it all at a glance. I just need a bigger wall!

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