Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Altering plans for January...

I’ve just recently discovered Christian Cottage Unit Studies you can buy a topic at a time here. I downloaded a free unit on Oceanography and I purchased the Middle Ages portion of “In the Beginning God” unit study. We haven’t actually done the study yet, but just going through them and looking at them and making a few notes it seems like a perfect fit for us. We’ve used Ambleside Online (and I still LOVE them) but some of the books just didn't fit us. I also have a visual/spatial son and sometimes just reading didn’t fit the bill so I tried making my own unit studies, the problem was I always tried to do TOO much. I never knew what to keep and what to toss and would end up overwhelmed. I’ve looked at Tapestry of Grace and programs like that but they are just out of my budget. Then I stumbled upon CCUS and found that I could buy them one at a time as needed AND they don't depend on a certain set of books. PERFECT! I’m sooooo excited to try them out! I'm working on notebooks and plans now.

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