Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week of Dec. 23

Where did the week go? Christmas was a wonderful, relaxing day for us. I love Christmas day! We went to Christmas Eve candlelight service which was very sweet. I worked a couple of days and the kids did some school.
Yesterday we went to a baby shower for my niece at La Madeleine's it was so much fun! She's having a girl so there was lots of pink!
(Did I mention the cheesecake?)

That's about it for this week. I had the 'blahs' a couple of days but otherwise we're all doing well. Praise the Lord!


Leigha said...

I bet the shower was alot of fun! Did she like her blanket?!

Angel said...

Actually, I didn't get it finished so I will have to mail it to her later. I want to put the baby's name on the blanket, but they haven't agreed on one yet, so I bought another gift to give her for the shower.