Monday, January 7, 2008

Week of Dec. 30 - Jan. 6

Well, this week is a complete blur. I worked 4 days (a lot for me) and got waaaay behind on laundry. I think I'm caught up enough to start all over. ;)
We had an eventful Friday that began for me about 5:30 am.
I got up and had a little quiet time, showered etc before getting the kids up.
We left about 7:30 to take the dogs to the vet for their annual vaccines. Nannie needed to get blood work done while fasting so we went to her doctor's office first for that. Well, of course something that is supposed to be quick turned into about 45 minutes. The kids, the dogs and I all waited in the car. Then off to the vet! Not too long there, but in the midst of all this, dh's debit card was "eaten" by the ATM machine that morning and he had to leave it and head on into work, so I stopped by the bank to retrieve it or find out what happened to it (another wait in the car for the dogs and kids). The girl at the bank didn't let me have the card back, "our policy" she says. So I have to get his card replaced. ugh! So aggravated, but determined to get back home, drop off the dogs, head back out again for grocery shopping, our little dog proceeds to poop in her basket, we stop the car, dd lets her out on a leash to finish the deed.... this dog, don't ask me how, gets out of her collar and runs all over the cow pasture making her deposits! ACK!!!! I'm totally frustrated at this point as we look like keystone cops trying to catch this dog. Finally, I decide that's it! She's getting left! And for some unknown reason, she runs toward the van, I open the door and she comes right to me. I grab her by the scruff of the neck and toss her to dd and we're off! We get home, let her into the back yard with a swat and we all catch our breath and head back out to the car for our other errands and shopping. After that things went pretty smoothly.
Friday night we went to a lock-in with our puppet team to plan and practice some new shows. More on that here. We stayed up all night, slept all morning, then went back to town for auditions for a local talent show. Got up this morning, went to church, taught children's church, came home, did a bit of desperately needed housework, back to church for more puppet planning and practice back in the car headed out for a 120 mile round trip to pick up dgrandson and back home by about 10:30.

Whew! I'm going to bed.

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Leigha said...

Hahahaha..this post made my day! Especially the part about Penelope running all over the pasture "making her deposits!!" I was literally laughing out loud-(although I'm sure it WASN'T funny at the time!) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this early in the am!