Friday, January 25, 2008

Week of Jan. 13th & 20th

This week has been full of babies! Two dear friends gave birth this week with Madison being born on the 18th ( my dgs birthday!) and Weston being born this morning. Both mothers and babies are doing well. Praise the Lord!

Last weekend was very full. Saturday we went to dgs's birthday party and then to the school Talent Show where we won 2nd place with our Krew's blacklight puppet show. Sunday we did children's church and another puppet show during our church's ministry fair. Wednesday we did the show again for the youth.

It was a busy few days and I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday and the only thing I have to do is clean the church, otherwise it's a day of rest.

We got a lot of school done this week too, along with Nannie's dr. appt and dh taking the week off just to rest and relax.

School this week 9 yo ds:
Daily Bible reading, worked on memory verses for Drills, Skills, and Thrills
Math: Lesson 28
Johnny Tremain
Grammar: nouns, proper nouns
Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice (3 pgs)
Poetry: Memorizing "The Eagle" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Studied Dictation (taken from NLT Bible)
The Matchlock Gun (5 chapters)
Writing Road to Reading: 5 silent final e rules
Science: Christian Kids Explore Chemistry Lesson 6: Atoms
History: Story of the USA ch 11, Landmark History of America ch 2 & 3
Drawing: Animals
Piano practice
Folk song: Go get the Ax
Artist: Tizian
Hymn: Amazing Grace
Composer: Wagner
Patriotic Song: Star Spangled Banner

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