Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Poem

I wrote this fun little poem years ago when one of my children had a similar assignment. I am NOT a writer, but I came across it today and decided to put it on here. Be gentle with your comments.

Awful day!
O Brother!
I was Confused...
It was Emotional
I was Frustrated
I have had it!
Jump on the bus
Kick the tires
Looking for a seat
Man, it's crowded
"No! You can't sit here."
Off the bus
Pile my books by the door
"Quit piling your books by the door!" said Mom
I Roll my eyes
She Says, "I saw that!"
To my room
Up on the bed
Very tired
Wishing today was over
eXtreme eXhaustion

(Can you tell I didn't have good experiences with the school bus as a child?)

1 comment:

Leigha said...

I like it! Very creative!!