Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week of Feb 17-23rd

This week has been the longest week! I don't know why but it just seemed to crawl by.
We were pretty consistent in our school work, even getting done early some days. YAY! DS is doing so well with his reading, just moving forward in leaps and bounds. He is actually asking to read to me every night! How can I say no? I can't!

It was our turn to clean the church this week, we got done in record time! It's a great ministry to teach my children to serve, not just teaching and singing, but cleaning toilets. Yes somebody's got to clean the toilets for Jesus right? ;o)

DD started a new essay/speech class this week. I'm so glad she will be able to perform a speech for someone other than us. I'm looking forward to see what topic she chooses.

I'm really getting into my Homeschool Tracker Program. At first I really struggled with setting it up, but now it makes our days go so smoothly. I wish I'd done it years ago!

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