Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Lite" Summer Schedule

We are continuing some school work through the summer. It is just so hot that there's not much to do anyway. Also ds needs to keep reading! Here are the basics of what we're doing:

For 10 yo DS

  • Bible

  • Mathematics

  • Poetry

  • Dictation

  • Reading to Mom

  • Copywork

  • Mom reads one chapter of one book of History, Biography, Geography, Natural History, Science, or Literature (Correspond readings with timeline book and map)

  • Art & Handicrafts (these happen incidentally)

For 17 yo DD (who actually has enough credits to graduate but we're waiting so she can take dual credit classes this fall)

  • Bible

  • Literature / written narration

  • History / written summary

  • Math (finishing Alg. II)

DD's looks shorter than DS's but in reality he finishes first! Each of his lessons only takes about 15 min or less depending on the lesson. DD has to read whole chapters and write narrations so this takes a while.

All in all we are done by lunch if we start early enough, and we are keeping up some good habits and not forgetting everything we learned before the next school term.

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Help Meet in the Making said...

I love you! Just thought I'd tell you that!
Your summer schedule sounds awesome...sounds like ya'll are staying busy!