Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting Ready for School 2008-09

Yes, I'm working on next year's stuff! We haven't finished THIS year's stuff, well so it goes with an organizaholic. I'm addicted. Ask anyone who knows me. ;o)

Anyway, last year I used this simple system. But when I quit work, I quit using the file folders and started using a notebook (surprised?). Well ds mentioned more than once that he liked the folders, and wanted to use them again. (He hates change, maybe God gave him the wrong momma??? jk) So I think I will use this system again. It really was simple so why not?

Here's the weekly outline for the first term:

The numbers down the left are the numbers I use in Homeschool Tracker as "order" numbers. This puts the assignments in a certain order on the daily assignment sheets.

I label "group" with Week 01, Week 02 etc. and I use the "sequence" to identify the day as in 1,2,3,4,5. So when I go to my lesson plans I see assignments like this:

The first "chunk" of assignments are for Week 1, Day 1. Of course this is the lesson plan sheet and not the assignment sheet. When I get ready to do the assignment, I can move them around no matter what day it is. This is the helpful feature of HST, rescheduling and not feeling like we're behind.

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