Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting geared up for the new school year

Most folks have already begun their school work, and we have been doing the basics but we will actually begin our "official" school year next week.

I am working outside the home part time now and of course just found out that I have three full days of work scheduled next week and one of the days off is the day my mom gets her monthly check and has a doctor's appointment. So it should be interesting to say the least. The LAST thing I feel like doing when I get home from work is reading aloud. But ds still needs some things read aloud to him.

I'm hoping to get the week organized and scheduled so that we accomplish much.

I have entered all of our assignments into homeschool tracker and printed out each day's list. I also printed any handwriting worksheets, copywork and drill sheets for ds and put them into folders labeled with the day of the week. Then I will stack the books needed underneath with the folder on top and the assignment sheet papercliped to the outside of the folder.

I made ds a "bookstack" box to put these in for him to work out of and purchased a black dishpan for him to move them to as he finishes. Then when I come home I'll look through the pan and check his work.

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