Saturday, October 11, 2008

Home Organization & Routines

There's a lot of info out there about organization and I for one love all of it! I'm a junkie. I just wish I was always truly organized in every facet of my life, but I can say that the things that I do have a simple system for truly make my life easier! Here are some of those things:

First off we de-clutter CONSTANTLY. I began this with flylady years ago and now I see the fruits. A de-cluttered house is easier to clean.

Second, we each have 5 chores every morning so with my children and me doing 5 each that's 15 chores every day! Some of them are personal chores.
(Anyone who's ever had a 10 yo boy knows that "showering" has to be on his list!)

The basic things we need to start the day are:

1) Meds & Quiet Time
2) Shower and dress for the day
3) Make bed (strip it on Wed for wash)
4) Swish and swipe my bathroom
5) Sort laundry and wash one load

DD 17yo
1) Shower get dressed for day
2) Make bed (strip on Wed for wash)
3) Empty dishwasher
4) Straighten living room
5) Sort laundry and wash one load

DS 10 yo
1) Shower, get dressed for day [he usually showers at night]
2) Make bed (strip on Wed. for wash)
3) Swish and swipe the hall bathroom
4) Feed & water the dogs
5) Gather your laundry

When we do these things every morning, we start the day with the house in relative order and I can concentrate on other things like school, or errands. Of course in order to unload the dishwasher it has to have been loaded and run the night before!

There are other things we do but I'll save them for another post.


Help Meet in the Making said...

I didn't know ya'll did this, but this is a great idea!

PLR said...

Ok... just taking a peek this morning at your blog haven't looked in over a week (safe to say)

but... you've made things so much clearer for me now. I see why things are working for me so well lately.

I'm not having "MEDS" WITH MY QUIET TIME! lol! ...HA HA HA


they are great.

Angel said...

PLR! Funny!!! I didn't realize how that sounded LOL!!! ;)