Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Organization & Routines 2

Another thing I do to help the day run smoother is to break it into sections. I don't really follow a schedule per say but we do have an order to the day.
I divide it into morning, afternoon, and evening.

Morning is usually:

Afternoon is usually:
Clean up from school and lunch
Breaks (Free time)
Get ready for supper
Finish Laundry

Evening is usually:
Clean up from supper
Family time
Free Time
Bedtime routines

We tend to get more done before lunch than any other part of the day. I like it that way, but if I'm not careful to plan some things I'd like to get done for the afternoon and evening, this time can slip right by and I feel unaccomplished. I am really trying to keep a low stress level in my days and just do the "next thing" on my lists.

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