Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you today?

We spent the morning sitting in the waiting room at Sears Automotive. Ah well, we were able to watch the Inauguration while waiting so it wasn't a total loss, although we had a few interuptions and background noises to deal with. Later on this evening ds was able to give this oral report:

At the beginning of the Inauguration, the 39th president, Jimmy Carter, came out first, and then the 41st president, President Bush the first came out. Then President Clinton came after and they all waved, and sat down. Then Obama’s mother-in-law came out with Obama’s kids their ages are 7 and 10. After that then came Obama’s wife and she sat down with everybody else then President Bush came out with other people and the band played the “President song”* and then Obama came out and then they all sat down and then a prayer by Rick Warren went on and then Marine Fighters sang a song which was the Star Spangled Banner. Then the Vice-President came in and swore all the things he needs to swear on a Bible. After that for five minutes we didn’t have a president. After the five minutes, we got a president because Obama was sworn in. Then Rev. Lowery said a prayer and then President Bush and his wife and his parents flew off in a helicopter.

*Mom’s note: “Hail to the Chief”

He got a few things out of order, and we need to work on some transition words besides "and then" and "after that". If I'd asked him to report on the helicopter I'm sure I would have gotten a much more animated speech. ;)

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Help Meet in the Making said...

This is so cute! He did a great job!!