Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Interesting; I saw this saying a couple of times today in different places.

It's not exactly scripture but God used it to get me to examine my attitude.

It wasn't pretty.

There are always things going on that are stressful around me and yet how am I handling it?

Am I being "salt and light" in those situations?

Am I thinking of things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy?

Or am I stressing over things out of my control?



Help Meet in the Making said...

I love this!!
I feel like we haven't talked in forever..I want to hear how your week at VBS went. :)
Maybe we can talk soon...things have been busy around here, and I'm sure you've been busy too!

Pat said...

I am so glad I decided to look at your blog today.

It all started when we chatted online this morning and you sent the link with photos of your living room. I didn't have time then, but came back this afternoon. At first I thought now why am I sitting here reading this, i have lots to be doing... (ie: stressing over) and then I came to this post.

I was even thinking this morning... LORD, what else...? (regarding events that are out of my control) ...

I really needed to read this.
We are to examine ourselves ... scripturally speaking. This is a good reminder...love the post, thanks for posting it!