Thursday, June 4, 2009

Menus June 4th-10th

Here's what I'm cooking this week. All from

1. Foil Pack Chicken Fajita Dinner -gonna try it in the crockpot
2. Easy BBQ Ribs (If I can afford them at the store) I also want to try these potatoes or these (they could be cooked in the crockpot too maybe. In fact, I may do the pre-cooking of the ribs in the crockpot then grill/griddle then at the end.)
3. Chicken Enchilada Skillet (these sound like mexican chicken-n-dumplings)
4. Grilled Mozz Chicken Sandwiches
5. Chicken Italiano Skillet (one pan!)
6. Easy Parmesan Meatballs - I think I'll get some Alfredo Sauce and noodles for this or maybe will get sub buns and make meatball sandwiches. I will have to double the recipe. It says 6 servings but the serving is *2* meatballs!
7. Weeknight Lasagna Toss (another one pan!) with Green Beans Italian

I plan to serve a lettuce salad or veggie salad each night (there are plenty of recipes for salads too).

I might have beans or cooked veggies on the side too.

I've been using this website for the past few weeks for quick and simple recipes. Thanks Tab!


Help Meet in the Making said...

I just discovered the Kraft website too! They have lots of great coupons on there, so if you have any Kraft products to buy, be sure and print out some of the coupons!

Help Meet in the Making said...

Wow, I love your new blog background!! I hope you don't mind that I went there to find a new background for mine!