Sunday, July 12, 2009

File folder game

I'm working on a file folder game for a little sweet friend of mine. He has a hard time some days finding his "happy heart" as his mom calls it.

So I decided to make him his very own game.

I haven't made the cards yet but they will include situations - good and bad - that will either help him win the game, or set him back a few spaces. For instance, "Threw a fit - go back 2 spaces" or "Obeyed the FIRST time! - go ahead 1 space".

I'm not sure exactly how they will work, which is why I haven't made the cards yet.

I'm still thinking on it.

Here's the cover -

Here is the inside game board -

I used a photo of the boy and a couple of generic boys and girls for other players.

I also used velcro so that the pieces wouldn't slide around.

The Game pieces-

We've made several games over the years.

They are so much fun!

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