Friday, July 24, 2009

Workboxes and Planning

I can't believe it's just about time to start a "new" year for us! DD is graduated and on her way to college classes and work. Now it'll just be DS and me. Bittersweet.

I'll be rounding up what he's going to do next year but right now we are actually doing a bit of school every day. He really needs to keep in the habit and we are trying some neurological exercises we learned from Little Giant Steps and they need to be done consistently.

We have also been doing something called workboxes. Let me tell you, we LOVE them! They make everything run so smoothly now. I could post all about them but just check out these places for the best info.

Joyful Mother of 6 workboxes - ours look just like this.

There are many more but you'll get the gist of it from these two.

Once more I will say we love it!

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