Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's been going on???

Wow, I haven't posted much at all.  I read a lot of blogs every day, but never seem to post on my own.  I'm going to try to make a habit of writing more often.

I am working part time now so our schedule is a bit different now.  I work 4 hours Tue and Wed, and 8 hours on Thursday.  Best part is I can take my son "C" with me. YAY!  I am the admin assistant for my pastor at church.  He's real relaxed about things so we do school when we are there.  I just can't devote a lot of one on one teaching time when we are there so C has to do independent work, but that is actually a good thing!

Our computer went out last week and we thought we needed to buy a new one.  Didn't really want to do that, but dh took it apart and put it back together. Nothing.  He took it apart again and tested the power box thingy and it showed that it was getting no power, so we ordered one on e-bay, it came, he put it in and it worked!  So happy about that!

I ordered Teaching Textbooks for C and it is working VERY well for us.  It's just what we needed with the change in schedule and teaching time.  I'm excited to stay with this program for the rest of his home school career.  I highly recommend it. Even though to *me* it's expensive. ;)  I was using a FREE program.

Another exciting thing recently, C turned 13!!! I realized I now have only teen/adult children.  How's that for making you feel old????

Soccer season just began and C is on a new team.  Well sort of... some of the same kids, new coach new uniforms.  I don't know what his team name is yet, but the colors will be black and silver.  He's ready!

Next weekend he will be gone to a youth retreat so I may have some quiet time since dh has to work that weekend too.  Oops, I didn't think about soccer, we don't have the schedules yet.  I wonder if he has a game????

Okay, that's it for now.

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