Monday, January 16, 2012

Working routines...where are they?

Remember flylady?

Some folks may have never heard of her at all.  I met her years ago and she quickly changed my life, but I outgrew her.  All those e-mails!  All those reminders! I just didn't need them anymore.  But I still revert back to her basic cleaning lists and the routine lists I created back then when I get overwhelmed.

Well, my weekly schedules and demands have changed and I finally realized that those old lists just don't fit anymore!  It's time to rethink my week and what I need to get done on each day of the week.

I was talking with a friend the other day and she said something similar about her routines too, or actually lack thereof.  She realized that certain routines saved her so much time, that she needed to establish some other routines in the day to save time as well.

There are certain days that we are home, and certain days we are not and I'm still not used to it after a year of this schedule!  It's time to do some serious thinking and planning and get some *working* routines in order!

So the problems are:

  • having the school week planned out
  • having all books/supplies ready 
  • we need lunches ready ahead of time
  • I need a healthy quick breakfast ready ahead of time for those days we are running late
  • I am getting behind on household chores
  • I need time for my creative outlets too
  • Wednesday nights are so late and Thursday comes so early ;)
  • fitting in exercise time
  • having the exercise equipment, clothes, music etc ready to go
  • meals planned
  • grocery list done
  • chores more evenly distributed between the family
  • there is probably more but that's enough to start!

I'm going to work on this tonight!  I'm actually excited to get some things written down and put into use.
For instance I need to plan ahead and make Wednesday and Thursday as easy as possible.

I'll be back with my plan when I get it done!

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