Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Day 1

I've never done this before but I just had an idea that I will blog a short list of things we do each day school-wise as a quick log of sorts.  I have planners out the wazoo but I need something that I can do on the fly.  I'll be using my text-blogging so the formatting may be weird, but I don't want to spend a lot of time on this to make it look good.  I just want the record that I can do from anywhere.

So with that said here is day 1 of summer. Oh btw I'm focusing on just the three R's for summer.  So we'll have at least 3 things per day to report. (I hope!) Anything else is gravy.

Summer Day 1
1. Read ch 7 in book  and discussed with Mom
2. Algebra 1 chapter 2 handpicked problems
3. Sentence writing on white board.

The book he's reading is "Vietnam: I Pledge Allegiance" by Chris Lynch.  Maybe he'll have a review at the end.


My goal is to record at least 40 days of  "summer school" logged by Sept 1.
(39 days left)

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Anonymous said...

I currently...don't have any goals!

Crazy I know.