Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Day 10

Yea! Completed 2 weeks within 2 weeks in summertime!

A record for us I think. ;)

Today's 3 R's

1. Reading: Ch 16 in Vietnam book.  Only 2 more chapters!
2. Writing: Sentence on whiteboard
3. Algebra: Solving Area expressions for squares and rectangles

30 more days to go! Yippee!!!

Okay.  The challenge begins.  The next two weeks DS will be at camp.  So we won't be logging any 3 R's until July.  Then there are always a couple of recoup days from all the business, then comes Independence day and ortho appointments, and puppet team workshop and VBS and so on.  So most likely the days will be spotty.  But that's okay because I knew that would happen!  I hope we can just persevere and get all 40 days logged!

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