Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Update & Sewing!

So I'm a terrible blogger.  I forget to update things.  We actually do have some things to say, I just forget to say it here. ;) I, in fact, talk a lot.  I just don't write a lot.

I so wanted to report 10 days in 10 days but only got 9.

This week DS is at youth camp and I have no connection to him there.  Only leaders have their phones, not that DS has a phone anyway, but still.

I have been doing some creative stuff and have tons more projects percolating in the old noggin.

Here's what I've made this week.  My little granddaughter is going to be "1" next month.  I can't believe it!  I've been making things for her b-day pictures and party.

ruffled bloomers (aren't they the cutest things?)

"1" t-shirt with the bloomers

party dress

flower for hair or head band

party bunting

bunting up-close

dress with a smaller flower attached

dress with the bloomers

I've been making some other things too.  I may take some pictures and upload them later.

1 comment:

Leigha said...

Words cannot express how much I LOVE all of it! It is beautiful and I'm so excited for her to wear it!!!