Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Day 4

Honestly, today was a struggle.  We had storms last night that knocked our power out, so we got up a little late and had to be at church to work by 8:00am.  DS was the last one out the door because he couldn't find his Vietnam book.  I didn't allow him to have any free time or video games while we were at church.

No reading- no games.

So he did:

1. Spelling: spelled 30 words from ch 9 of the Vietnam book.  (I had these from yesterday's vocab.)
2. Writing: wrote a sentence on the white board.
3. Algebra: some handpicked evaluating expression problems.
4. Work: He did all the grunt work at church today - gopher jobs, took out trash, cleaned and organized the resource room, helped make lunch and clean up, and helped with bulletins.
5: Reading: Yes!  When we came home he got right to work and found his book, read chapter 10 and narrated it to me.  Now he's playing x-box. :)

36 more days to fulfill our goal!

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