Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Day 5

Yay! Five in a row for us!

Today's "3 R's"

1. Algebra:  We had to re-work the problems he did yesterday.  Some were incorrect but mostly, he did not show his work! So I had no idea where he'd gone wrong.  We also did a few more handpicked problems today on the white board.
2. Writing: He wrote a sentence on the whiteboard about some of the things he did yesterday.
2. Reading: Chapter 11 in his Vietnam book. Narrated the chapter and we looked up some military terms and crafts like DMZ, 8"/55 gun, PCF-19, F-104, and F-2.  We also looked at a map of Vietnam and found it on the globe, identifying the areas mentioned in the book.  I also found an eyewitness article that I am going to print out for his to read after he finishes the book.

Okay - 35 days to go!

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